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Sunday, 21 August 2011

dota 2 steamworks

Valve boss Gabe says the company will migrate aspects of DOTA 2′s tech into Steamworks, allowing all licensees to take advantage. In order to make DOTA 2 an eSports friendly title, Valve created a robust streaming system that allows matches to be easily broadcast across the globe. This is just one of the features that will be incorporated into Steamworks. “With Dota 2, we think the technology we’re building will be valuable to our other games, and we’re going to migrate the tech into Steamworks for our Steam partners to use,” Newell told Develop. He added, “So if your studio is building a game for Steam they can use the same tech you’ve used for the Dota 2 competition.” Newell says the effort is geared towards pushing community involvement, providing players with an avenue to share and publish their work. “When I was watching the tournament earlier, I was learning something about how to play every ten seconds. People are creating content for you, so you have to build a system that allows them to create and publish their work.”

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